Gay News Magazine: The Curious Coincidence.

In October 1982 the Spartacus Organisation, a peadophile company run from Holland by John D Stamford, made the following announcement in their PAN (Paedo Alert Network) magazine:

“we at Spartacus have acquired the highly respected Coltsfoot Press of New York, brought it to Amsterdam and, in so doing, have transfered to our Coltsfoot Division not only this magazine but all other activities relating to it….”

In January 1981 Denis Lemon started the sale of Gay news magazine to a man called Robert Mortimer Palmer. Palmer apparently completed that sale in Feburary 1982, although legal rumblings went on until they caused the demise of the publication.

Palmer was the Treasurer and Chair of the Campaign for Homosexual Equality (CHE) during the period 1976-1980.  Palmer was also a member of the London Monday Group:

“Elsewhere, the London Monday Group Newsletter for May – August 1977 publicised a cheese-and-wine party, which was to be held on Sunday, 5 June 1977, at the West London home of Robert Palmer…..”.

Peter Coell was a director of Gay News. For some strange reason, madness overtook him and he decided to contribute to a 1986 book titled “Betrayal Of Youth” – or BOY for short. The Betrayal of youth was edited by a man called Warren Middleton, who was a founding member of the Paedophile Information exchange.  His real name was John Parratt, and in 2011 he, along with Stephen Freeman, Leo Adamson and others, was convicted of distributing obscene images of children.


The Curious Coincidence.

Now there is of course no inference of wrongdoing in this, however I felt that such a bizarre coincidence should be highlighted.  On 9th March 1982, the following company was formed by solicitors at Harbottle & Lewis.


On the 15th April 1982 the registered address was changed:


1A Normand Gardens, was also the registered address for Gay News magazine. The new director was:


And the new company secretary was:


What a funny little coincidence.

Gay News Magazine: The Curious Coincidence.