Ken Plummer – University of Essex

Murun has highlighted that evidence exists that Professor Ken Plummer of Essex University was a member of the Paedophile Information Exchange (no. 236 in fact).

You could excuse his views as those of a gay campaigner and sociologist, led astray into supporting men who wanted to steal, rape and torture children, even if doing so only financially due to their subscription maybe being for research purposes, but….but.

But.  You cannot condone his actions when even in 2012 his blog contained links to download a pdf of “Male Intergenerational Intimacy“.

To the rest of the sane world, that title can be translated as “we like to fuck kids and think you should also be convinced and let us”.

Dear Essex University:

Will you clarify that you have undertaken all due diligence checks on your employees to ensure that they do not hold extremist viewpoints that may impact on the wellbeing of your students?

Ken Plummer – University of Essex

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