Bercow Guilty Of Libel: It’s War!

War it is.


I’ve waited before commenting on this case while it was ongoing.

Sally Bercow has been found guilty of libelling Lord McAlpine over her “*innocent face” tweet.

Make absolutely no mistake that this is a direct attack on the freedom of speech on the Internet and social media by ‘the establishment’ who wish to exercise control over information, so they can hide from you their disgusting crimes and complicity.

It’s now war!

So, Lord McAlpine, as your cousin ‘Jimmy’ McAlpine was really the person who was a child abuser, have you talked to the police about your cousin’s child abusing ? How long have you known that your cousin was a child abuser ?

Lord McAlpine, can you tell the public about your interest in Graham Ovenden’s so called art, specifically your interest in the works of a man who has been found guilty of child abuse and used his fascination…

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Bercow Guilty Of Libel: It’s War!