Who is Chris Tugendhat?

Baron Christopher Samuel Tugendhat is a Conservative politician. From 1970 until 1976 he was the Conservative MP for London & Westminster. He was a confidant of Margaret Thatcher.

Baron Tugendhat was also a prominent member of the Cambridge University Conservative Association, also known as the “Cambridge Mafia”.  The Cambridge Mafia was a group of Cambridge students who dominated the Conservative Party from the 1960’s until the 1980’s.

Other prominent members of CUCA included Norman Lamont, Kenneth Clarke and Leon Brittan.


My question is simple.

Why was Michael Tugendhat, the brother of a Tory politician with close links to the hiearchy of the party in the time of Lord McAlpine, chosen to be the judge in the libel case between McAlpine and Sally Bercow?

*innocent face*

Who is Chris Tugendhat?