Capital Gay Magazine: Innocents In A Vile Game?

After the Elm guest house raid in June 1982, one publication leapt to the defence of the Kasirs.  Capital Gay, the UK’s leading gay news magazine at the time, was vociferous in its defence of the couple. So much so that throughout its coverage it referred to them as “Harry and Carol”, which of course would appeal more to the UK public’s sense of persecution of their own than using their real christian names “Haroon and Carole”.

In it’s wide-eyed innocence and righteous defence of the gay-bashed hotel owners Capital Gay, and it’s owners Michael Mason and Graham McKerrow, seem to have ignored some glaring warning signs of what was actually happening there.


They’re Spartacus.

As early as the early 1970’s it was well known that Spartacus and its owner John D Stamford were not pulling in the same direction as the rest of the gay right movement.  McKerrow and Mason knew Stamford from the days when they were all in the Gay Liberation Front together in the early 1970’s. Stamford was well-known for his tendencies even then, including openly conversing with a famous American gay rights activist about paedophilia (200 pages of it actually, containing lots of not so lovely names, places and details I will be returning to very soon).

As the below news cutting shows, it was, by 1980, no secret to anyone that Spartacus was a paedophile organisation.


So we can all agree, I hope – by the time of the Elm guest house raid it was a pretty well known fact that Stamford and Spartacus were not about gay rights but were all about helping men have sex with children.

By 1984 even Capital Gay was reporting on Stamfords evil empire, although oddly they seemed to be unable to use the “P” word:


It seems pretty clear that the people at Capital Gay knew prior to the Elm guest house raid that Spartacus were bad news.  If you think Paedophilia is bad news of course.


An Arm Around The Shoulder.

Capital Gay were there for the Kasirs.  The magazine was their P.R. rock during the difficult time of the raid, charging and removal of their male child to the care system of the capital. This piece shows just how cosy it had all become:


Among the suitably heroic gushings we see this:

“Choked with emotion she told our reporter: I wish I could go to more meetings that people should know – that people should know that there is a little ten year old boy and – I can’t cope Graham, I can’t cope…”

That extract show that it was Graham McKerrow who was the man on the spot and probably the man who wrote all the pieces (available to view on Muruns site) relating to the trial and conviction of the Kasirs in 1983.

At no point in any of the coverage by Capital Gay was there any questioning of what had actually happened at the guest house. No mention of anything other than the fact it was a gay friendly hotel.  It was never thought odd that the Kasirs had supplied expensive video equipment on the premises, or that the small guest house was well stocked with bondage equipment and had it’s own young masseuse and sauna facilities.  No, it was just a nice place for a gay person to enjoy a good nights sleep.


Slaughter Of The Innocence.

There is one tiny problem with all of this and with Capital Gay’s stance during the time of the Kasir’s trial.  The tiny problem is this advert:


The above advert appeared in  Capital Gay prior to the raid in 1982.  So unless the people who wrote for Capital Gay never looked at their own publication, there is little possibility that they had not been aware of a link between Spartactus and Elm guest house.

If that wasn’t enough of a clue for McKerrow and Mason, surely they saw the sign on the door:


Taking it as hugely unlikely that they could have missed such a blatant association, did they not see huge red lights flashing over the whole SIXTY cop raid on the hotel and subsequent events?

When the mainstream press started publishing stories about boys as young a ten being used for sex there, trafficked from care homes, about links to a peado ring at the palace, to MP’s who already had rumours swirling around their names, why did Capital Gay steadfastly stick with the innocent patsies line?


Doesn’t it all seem a little odd?

Capital Gay Magazine: Innocents In A Vile Game?