Is The War Being Lost?

Not a single person has been arrested and charged by Operation Fairbank.

Tom Watson is now blocking people on twitter who ask him what is happening.

Operation Fernbridge arrested two men and we have heard nothing since on them or further arrests.

The government appear to have released Warren Spinks despite him having years to run on his sentence.

The #paedobritain hashtag, love it or hate it, has been an information point.  Now it is being trashed by spamming troll accounts.  Not random ones either, these are specifically set-up to trash that hashtag.

The UK press simply refuse to do any investigative journalism on Elm guest house or anything related to it.

Stuart Hall’s mate who fucked kids with him at the BBC in Manchester still appears to be wandering free in the corridors of the House of Lords.

Margaret Hodge and others involved in Islington council appear to be unassailed.

The NSPCC refuses to admit that there is any evidence that Savile was part of any paedophile rings (I have that in writing).

The NSPCC sees no need to push the Government for a national enquiry into child abuse in the care system  (I have that in writing).

CEOP still pushes childline as a point of contact for children who have been abused, despite the clear evidence that childline let children down time and time and time again.

MI5 has been caught using its dirty tricks in relation to Woolwich.  It will not be held to account and it will not be held to account over the Kincora scandal, despite a new investigation and admissions from all levels that MI5 was involved in setting-up the abuse for political gain.

Fairbank and Yewtree appear to not even have a senior police officer controlling those investigations anymore.

David Cameron is on holiday in Ibiza and having a lovely time by all accounts.




Is The War Being Lost?