RAWRO, Spartacus & The Chain Of Filth

In my last piece about RAWRO, Spartacus and Elm Guest House, I outlined the people involved and the relationships between them in relation to the running of Elm Guest House as a paedophile brothel.

Now I Want to go a step further and tell you more about the reality of what was happening at Elm Guest House, what their plans were and reveal the scope of what was being planned. Little of what I am about to tell you is not already in the public domain thanks to the Moss leak and the detective work of many people.  However, everything I write here is accurate.


I’m Just A Patsy.

The widely held view amongst those who are following the Elm Guest House scandal is that Carole Kasir was an innocent patsy.  She, as Mary Moss stated, was blind to what was going on.

That unfortunately is completely untrue.

Carole Kasir was well aware of what was going on in her guest house, more than that, she saw it as a money making scheme and wanted to expand operations.

John Anthony Rowe is the brother of Michael Stuart Rowe, AKA Paul Rinehart.   Not many people are aware that John Rowe was friends with Carole Kasir right up until her death and supplied her with money at various times.  If you had been in the position of having your eyes opened to what was going on under your nose, why would you remain “friends” with one of those people?


King & Queens.

In October 1981 Elm Guest House held a “Kings & Queens” party.  A lot of senior people attended and children were present and sexually abused.

It was on this occasion that the photo’s of several senior people in compromising positions were taken in the Sauna room funded by Rowe and RAWRO.  In order to completely dispel the myth of Carole Kasir as an innocent, the person who took those photo’s, with the full knowledge and agreement of those present was….Carole Kasir.

The Police were passed those photo’s in 1989 by Carole Kasir and they still have them.  Operation Fernbridge are in possession of cast iron evidence of who was doing what and to whom at Elm Guest House in 1981.

It was at this party that John Rowe and Peter Glencross of Spartacus discussed their grand plans with Carole.

Elm Guest House was the test.  The prototype.  The blueprint.  Despite the brazen activites, it was still running and making money.  The Gay press for some strange reason were happy to run their adverts advertising Spartacus discounts. Everything was “hunky-dory”.

Rowe and Glencross therefore wanted to extend the model countrywide.

They wanted the Kasirs to be the “innocent” gay-friendly front who would open dozens of guest houses around the country, in places where the care system was already infiltrated by their associates.

Spartacus would do the publicity and send the child abusers to their doors while RAWRO franchised the “facilities” – saunas, video equipment and sadomasochistic items.  All for the pleasure of powerful men and the destruction of innocent children.

But their plans extended beyond the UK borders.  The “Dutch venture” would allow Spartacus to organise, through Russell Tricker’s company, Toff’s Travel, to traffic children in and out and transport the punters to venues across international orders. Tricker was also well funded, but discussion of how is for another time.


Rich Man’s World.

So where was the money to come from for all this?  As I have said, RAWRO is key to unlocking the scandal of Elm Guest House.  You won’t find company accounts for them, you won’t find ANYTHING about them in terms of financial or structural company information.

But what we do know is that RAWRO was the front for the money men.  Their main job in the grand expansion plan was to get the financial backers together.

At the Kings & Queens party, Carole Kasir was told that funding had been agreed by a group of backers. Some of the names of those backers are already known: the directors of RAWRO and Spartacus.

More troubling is the other names that were mentioned, senior members of the Paedophile Information Exchange for example, some of whom were enjoying the Elm Guest House facilities themselves. You won’t find their names on the guest lists leaked by Mary Moss, but rest assured they were there.

Rowe assured Carole that £250,000 pounds worth of investment had already been agreed.

Bearing in mind this was 1981, that is a LOT of money.  Your average man in the street does not have that sort of money.  But rich men, powerful men, men in positions of authority in our country do have that sort of money for their “hobbies”.


Time For Justice To Be Done.

Thankfully, the Police raid on Elm Guest House scared off the backers and scattered the infrastructure of RAWRO and Spartacus. As we already know, Spartacus retreated overseas while RAWRO fell apart in recriminations and arguments over money.

Money earned from abusing children.

The names of those involved in RAWRO and Spartacus are known to everyone who is closely following the Elm story. It’s not classified information, it’s widely available through their own arrogance and later arguments resulting in court transcriptions revealing them.

But who were those other financial backers and whose money were they using to back the grand plan?

I can’t tell you any names here.  But I can assure you that the news organisations and individuals who are trying to get justice this time have now been made aware and are passing what is known onto the Operation Fairbank.


RAWRO, Spartacus & The Chain Of Filth