Throughout the Westminster Paedophile Ring scandal, there have been curious coincidences.

Like why Capital Gay were always so pro-Spartacus, ran their ads, yet knew nothing of their paedophilia.

Like why the owner of Gay News and his mate, who later was given thanks in a book that supported Paedophilia, setup a limited company called Coltsfoot at the same time that Spartacus purchased Coltsfoot productions.

Then there has been the odd fact that the Fernbridge seem to have found little evidence to go on, even when people like me can produce substantial evidence to form the basis of arrests just from looking online. Not a coincidence, but worth mentioning, just in case you believe the Police do not have their hands politically tied.


So Would You Be Surprised At Another Funny Little Coincidence?

It turns out that Leon Brittan’s PPS in 1984, was actually a guy called Tim Smith (thanks to @BobbyFriedman on Twitter for pointing that out, and calling him).

Tim Smith was:

“Conservative MP for Beaconsfield from 1982 until this year, when he was forced to stand down amid allegations of bribe-taking. Worked for Leon Brittan at the Home Office from 1983-85 and was a Northern Ireland minister from January to October 1994, but resigned when the cash for questions affair broke.”

Tim Smith and Neil Hamilton were the people accused in the cash for questions scandal.

Neil Hamilton’s name appears on the Mary Moss documents.  He was one of the people who for some bizarre reason sunk money into the loss-making business of Harvey Proctor, who also appears on the Mary Moss documents.

So many coincidences.