I Never Thought I Would See This Day

I remember having a telephone conversation with a prominent anti-abuse blogger just over a year ago. I was standing in my garden on a lovely spring afternoon.

We talked for two hours.

We discussed the magnitude of the Mary Moss documents and what we had been told and given by various people in the months after their release.

Tying it all together, it was obvious it was massive and there was plenty of evidence out there.

I remember during that conversation it being said that only a full public inquiry would ever give people the confidence to come forward.


But I never thought it could happen.


Thankfully it appears that the people we elect are not entirely morally bankrupt and many have joined to pressure for the truth to come out.

And if the whole truth does all come out, it will be the biggest political and social scandal this country has ever seen.


That is the next challenge. 

Making sure the whole truth comes out and that all the dots are joined.

Making sure the guilty are imprisoned.


So the Police need more resources.  They need freedom to operate free from political pressure.

There needs to be a truly independent team overseeing it all, because Police and Judiciary are implicated in the abuse and the cover-up.


To help the Police, people must be controlled.

Remember that some of the most lurid stories are just that.

Remember that putting two and two together can often equal five.  Use common sense in forming your opinions.

Remember that Carole Kasir had her own agenda.  Carole was involved in organising the abuse and profiting from it. The names on her list are not entirely accurate and some of the facts deliberately embellished. Be wary of naming names and assuming guilt where there is none. Be wary of assuming that everything relates to an unseen dark force at work.


The truth is: A paedophile ring operated in and around Westminster in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.  It infiltrated the Home Office, the Police and the legal system.  The Paedophile Information Exchange had powerful members and powerful support.  Children were trafficked from care homes in London and beyond through a network of abusers who took control of elements of the care home system.

Some were filmed and those films taken abroad.   Some of the children may also have been taken abroad to be sold and abused. This was the “Dutch Venture”.

When the ring was broken up and it’s main members fled abroad, it continued to operate with strong links to the people still in the UK.  The end of Elm Guest House was not the end of the paedophile ring, nor it’s links to powerful people here in the UK.

People in politics and the legal system knew some or all of this and covered it up. Careers and “the establishment” was the priority, not the children. The security services, just as with Savile and Smith, knew it was happening, but chose to cover it up for their own potential gain.


And finally we must keep the pressure on.  This is only the end of the beginning.


I Never Thought I Would See This Day