What The Ex Customs Officer Said

I have been watching what has been unfolding on Twitter with interest over the past 48 hours.

I would say straight up that I feel the way Exaro responded online was completely unprofessional.  I hope they will regain some dignity and remember this is about victims, not point scoring and CONSTANTLY promoting their own stories.

On the other side of the fence, I am surprised that someone of the greatest integrity has taken the word of a man with what is at the very least a poor historical investigative track record, without it appears listening to the audio, and going purely on what is now evidently a very poor transcript.

I was told months ago about every detail relating to the customs seizures, issues with the MET, who was involved, by two very senior sources, but had only hear the audio for myself now.

The issues around the official secrets act and naming the guy involved are moot, as other people have already ensured his privacy has been destroyed.

So to set the record straight.

The Ex Customs officer CLEARLY names a senior Ex Tory cabinet minister in the recording.  This recording has been heard by Operation Fernbridge, it has been heard by senior MP’s and has been discussed in the highest area’s in recent weeks.

It is CLEAR witness testimony of what was on the tapes seized and who was on them.

And lets not forget, the same Ex minister was also photographed at Elm guest house by Carole Kasir.  So he wasn’t shy.  Fernbridge also have those photo’s.

So the real question here is not, why people are attacking each other – it’s confusion, NOT agenda’s.


The real question is why Operation Fernbridge has not arrested the Ex cabinet minister.


The evidence now consists of:

  • Photos
  • A video
  • Testimony from a victim
  • Testimony from a government official

Even ONE officer could have the gumption to arrest on that basis, let alone 22.

No wonder people are threatening to name him in the commons.  This is complete disgrace and clear evidence of an existing cover up that involves the Police investigating.


What The Ex Customs Officer Said