A Personal Thank You To David Cameron

Most of us viewed David Cameron’s comment on the release of the Wanless Report:

“It [The Wanless Report] says there wasn’t a cover up so some of the people looking for conspiracy theories will have to look elsewhere.”

as staggering.  It was so breathtaking in the way it dismissed the growing evidence of serious misconduct in all areas of trusted public service, that the outrage in many people threatened to spill over.

Me?  I’d like to thank David Cameron.

I can only guess that secretly he wants the truth to come out.  Otherwise making such a statement as he did would be so strategically ignorant that it makes no sense in any other context, completely missing the public perception and mood as it did.

The response to his comments was scathing, and the ante from those who want to see justice done has been sent up into the stratosphere.

First, an incredibly brave survivor has finally told the public what we all knew:  CHILDREN WERE MURDERED BY OUR PUBLIC SERVANTS.

And then, two more revelations (for the public anyway, for most who have followed this, it’s just a louder voice saying what we all know).  First John Mann reinforces the view that people about to blow the whistle on the Westminster paedophile network were murdered.

For clarity, he is referring to Bulic Forsythe, and it is a claim around a later government paedophile, or gang, or the same one evolved.  It refers to trying to cover-up the Paedophilia of a Blair government minister.  I believe most of you will know already know who that minister is.

Secondly we read that the Police may finally be revisiting the death of Elm Guest House owner (and let’s face it at least paedophile-tolerant) Carole Kasir.

And finally, this fascinating piece from Don Hale. For me this is the really new piece.  Don goes over what we all know – Geoffrey Dickens was targeted for trying to expose the Westminster paedophile ring.   But the new information for me was this:

Dickens spoke to a petrol station manager who recalls:

“I said he could use my photocopier to make a copy to keep safe, but he said he’d already done it. I told him to go to Scotland Yard but he thought the Met and Special Branch had been infiltrated by them.”

This reinforces what I have suspected all along, and what I believe is the driving force behind the cover-up.

Dickens thought Special Branch was infiltrated by paedophiles.

Special Branch turned up to stop Don Hale revealing what Barbera Castle told him.

Special Branch allegedly threatened Chris Fay away from Elm Guest House investigations.

Special Branch raided Elm Guest House.  Nobody was inside because of tip-offs and the court case was a whitewash.

Tim Hulbert claims that he was told Special Branch organised the funding of PIE through the Home Office.

Can you spot the common theme here?

The first port of call for the CSA Inquiry should be who was in Special Branch in the 1980’s, what their role was in relation to Paedophilia, and look closely at every individual case they dealt with.

I would suggest that elements of  Special Branch were complicit in an ongoing coordination of, participation in, and cover-up of organised Paedophilia.

No stone unturned David.

No stone unturned Teresa.

We are not going away.  This will come out.

We are a mass movement now and we demand truth and justice.

No wonder Leon Brittan is looking so Gaunt recently.  Oddly, that’s the fake name someone used when they signed their name while at Elm Guest House.


A Personal Thank You To David Cameron

Tim Hulbert Is A Liar

Tim Hulbert clearly stated in a TV interview that he was directly aware of a grant renewal for the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE).

He clearly stated that he spoke to his superior, Clifford Hindley, about that grant.

He clearly stated that Hindley told him the funding was at the request of Special Branch.

However, the Wanless review has concluded that:

“….on the balance of probabilities, the alleged funding of PIE did not take place.”

As it would be impossible for anyone to state such claims so clearly and be completely wrong, we must assume that Tim Hulbert is a pathological liar.

Well done Mr Wanless.

Tim Hulbert Is A Liar