Cliff Richard Darling, I’m A Little Confused…..

Sir Cliff Richard released a statement today in relation to the search of his property in Berkshire by South Yorkshire Police:


“For many months I have been aware of allegations against me of historic impropriety which have been circulating online.  The allegations are completely false. Up until now I have chosen not to dignify the false allegations with a response, as it would just give them more oxygen…..”


But all the major news networks are saying that:


“Sky News understands the accusation against Sir Cliff comes from an event held by American evangelist preacher Billy Graham in Sheffield in 1985.”


So why is Sir Cliff talking about online rumours, that he has been aware of for months, when the Police are investigating a fresh and individual allegation that has not been circulating online until today?

The online rumours all relate to him allegedly visiting the Paedophile-run Elm guest house in the early 1980’s using the pseudonym “Kitty”.

So what is Sir Cliff actually denying?






Cliff Richard Darling, I’m A Little Confused…..

The Elm Guest House Money Men

Someone was really happy to support the Kasir’s at Elm guest house.

They helped with their advertising, they arranged events, they made money from the sauna facilities they put in there.

That someone was the men who “worked” together in a limited company called RAWRO Investments Limited.


The Paedophile Lovers.

This article from Capital Gay, the gay paper that went out of its way to hide the paedophilia all around, published this stirring piece during the Kasir’s whirlwind prior to their trial:


The important part is this:

“Paul Rinehart says the future of Partner Sauna (Ltd) is on the line. He and his lover own 90% of the company….”

The first thing to note is that there has never been a UK limited company called “Partners Sauna”, so you immediately see the smoke and mirrors that were routinely used by these men.

The next piece of smoke and mirrors is that Paul Rinehart, or Captain Paul Rinehart as he sometimes styled himself, was not even called Paul Rinehart.  Neither was he a captain. His real name was Michael Stuart Rowe. Despite the claim made by the somewhat unreliable Carole Kasir, who had her own part in the Elm scandal to consider, Rowe was not part of MI5.

In case you hadn’t already guessed, there are more smoke and mirrors in just that one sentence quoted above.  The company they owned 90% of was not Partners Sauna Ltd – you cannot own 90% of nothing.  But Michael Stuart Rowe and his lover Ralph A Williams did own RAWRO (Ralph A Williams & Rowe) Ltd.


How RAWRO Managed Paedophilia At Elm Guest House.

John Oakes, who helped Chris Fay to compile the memories of Carole Kasir, noted of RAWRO that:

“John reckons they are really dodgy & a right pair of perverts.”

It is unknown why Ralph Williams was a pervert, however, a court transcript from an unrelated case in 1997 sheds some light on the past of Michael Stuart Rowe (AKA Paul Rinehart):

“The last thing I want to do is take action against a sick old man, my father, but why would he want to take action against me? He sexually abused me from the age of 8 so I fell into the hands of a paedophile ring. He and I therefore have scores to settle.”

It is a shame that none of the boys abused by Rowe and his pals have yet settled their own scores for the paedophile ring that Rowe and others led them into.

The Kasir notes leaked by Mary Moss state that “Terry Dwyer & John Rowe persuaded Carol Kasir to change her guest house to a gay one. Introduced her to a South African from Holland called Peter Glencross who runs a paedophile magazine called ‘Spartacus.”   John Rowe was Michael Rowe’s brother. From that we can see that RAWRO were linked closely to Spartacus.  This is reinforced in the notes when we read that “Glencross stays with Rowe in UK.”.

Peter Glencross was the “Advertising and distribution national sales agent” for Spartacus in the UK.  This is a copy of his business card:


So you can now see how RAWRO and Spartacus had teamed up to control Elm guest house.  RAWRO supplied the sauna facilities and did the local legwork with the paedophile-loving Capital Gay and Gay News magazines, while Glencross spread the word globally through Spartacus publications. There was money to be made in Elm guest house and these men were making it, along with the people in the care system who were passing the poor little children along to people like Terry Dwyer, who then pimped them to the politicians that the Police are refusing to arrest.



Hiding In Plain Sight.

It is therefore obvious that the men who were shareholders in RAWRO should be of interest to the Police in Operation Fernbridge.  So who were they?

As I mentioned earlier, in 1997 Rowe/Rinehart was involved in a court case, the transcript of which is available online here.  What is interesting is that tucked away within that transcript is a passing reference to Rowe and some previous business partners:

“Those observations by the respondent are set in the context of the pre-1990 litigation to which the Attorney-General also refers. It is sufficient to summarise that litigation by saying that nine separate actions were brought against a man called Adrian Jones who had been at one time the respondent’s business partner, three were brought against Martin Roberts and Ashley Wright who were friends of Jones and all of those actions were either ultimately unsuccessful or not proceeded with.

So now we have some names.  Adrian Jones, Martin Roberts and Ashley Wright.  I know, I know, they could be completely unrelated to Elm guest house and RAWRO.

Well actually they are.

One of the documents leaked by Mary Moss was a letter from RAWRO to Capital Gay magazine.  The bottom of which is clearly visible:


As you can see, one of the directors is listed as “A. Jones”. That would be our new friend Adrian Jones.  Adrian Jones who is mates with Martin Roberts and Ashley Wright, who all know Captain Paul Rinehart, AKA Michael Stuart Rowe. The other name is Howard Gwynne.

It appears that Rowe was unhappy with Jones and the others.  The court transcript seems to be referring to RAWRO money:

The Attorney-General draws attention to letters written to him by Mr Jones on 11th March 1989 and by Mr Wright and Mr Roberts on 2nd October 1989 describing the manner in which they said that they had been harassed by litigation on the part of the respondent which had caused them the considerable distress which is set out in those letters. The Attorney-General also refers to a letter dated 28th January 1990 to the High Court District Registry in Croydon purporting to be signed by Paul Rinehart and referring to funds said to be available to Captain Rowe.

Perhaps the funds for Captain Rowe were related to the Dutch ventures?


Dear Operation Fernbridge.

Far from it for me to tell you how to suck eggs, the directors of RAWRO limited, Michael Rowe, Ralph Williams, Howard Gwynne, Adrian Jones, Martin Roberts and Ashley Wright should be persons of great interest to you as there is clear evidence that they are related to the Elm guest house scandal.


The Elm Guest House Money Men

Gay News Magazine: The Curious Coincidence.

In October 1982 the Spartacus Organisation, a peadophile company run from Holland by John D Stamford, made the following announcement in their PAN (Paedo Alert Network) magazine:

“we at Spartacus have acquired the highly respected Coltsfoot Press of New York, brought it to Amsterdam and, in so doing, have transfered to our Coltsfoot Division not only this magazine but all other activities relating to it….”

In January 1981 Denis Lemon started the sale of Gay news magazine to a man called Robert Mortimer Palmer. Palmer apparently completed that sale in Feburary 1982, although legal rumblings went on until they caused the demise of the publication.

Palmer was the Treasurer and Chair of the Campaign for Homosexual Equality (CHE) during the period 1976-1980.  Palmer was also a member of the London Monday Group:

“Elsewhere, the London Monday Group Newsletter for May – August 1977 publicised a cheese-and-wine party, which was to be held on Sunday, 5 June 1977, at the West London home of Robert Palmer…..”.

Peter Coell was a director of Gay News. For some strange reason, madness overtook him and he decided to contribute to a 1986 book titled “Betrayal Of Youth” – or BOY for short. The Betrayal of youth was edited by a man called Warren Middleton, who was a founding member of the Paedophile Information exchange.  His real name was John Parratt, and in 2011 he, along with Stephen Freeman, Leo Adamson and others, was convicted of distributing obscene images of children.


The Curious Coincidence.

Now there is of course no inference of wrongdoing in this, however I felt that such a bizarre coincidence should be highlighted.  On 9th March 1982, the following company was formed by solicitors at Harbottle & Lewis.


On the 15th April 1982 the registered address was changed:


1A Normand Gardens, was also the registered address for Gay News magazine. The new director was:


And the new company secretary was:


What a funny little coincidence.

Gay News Magazine: The Curious Coincidence.